Cursive Handwriting is Still in School


 Remember sitting in your third grade classroom, practicing cursive handwriting? Third grader Claire Willson is learning cursive and enjoys it so far. She told us ” I like the capital letters except the Q cause the Q is really hard.” But she has noticed some difficulties between uppercase and lowercase letters that make them harder. Claire explained why, ” Because like the upper case in the uppercase E, you like have to make a little swirly and then in the lowercase you don’t have to. Same with the C.”

 In 3rd grade, that’s when students focus on cursive writing the most. But with increasing technology in the classrooms, iPads are becoming a vital learning aid for cursive writing. Penny Carrico, Shady Spring Elementary Principal, told us ” There are several apps and programs there, but mostly we still use the paper – pencil piece for the uh you know using the right pencil uh handwriting grip and the formation.”  At Shady Spring Elementary, Principal Penny Carrico knows that many people believe it’s not being taught in schools because it’s not useful anymore. And at one point, it was not in the curriculum, but that lasted for a few years. She added ” There is a misconception that we are not teaching that anymore cause we certainly are and that the kids do like that and they do enjoy that. You know, it’s not all technology driven like a lot of people seem to think.”        

Claire thinks cursive handwriting is vital when you’re an adult. She added, ” Cause when you’re an adult, you use cursive a lot to like write letters.”

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