Dangerous Drinking Water Worries Many


Data collected by the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health reveals that the recommended safety limit for drinking water contamination was violated in more than 55 water quality test results. New test results found Chromium-6 in the water, which is raising concerns across our area.

Across the Mountain State tap water has tested positive for drinking dangers. Hexavalent Chromium 6 has been found in 9 different counties. These counties include Mason, Cabell, Putnam, Wood, Kanawha, Fayette Raleigh, Logan and Mingo. 

For residents like Aaron Cox, he says, he’d rather play it safe than sorry. “I don’t drink the Beckley City water, I don’t do that,” says a Raleigh County Resident, Cox.

The chemical Hexavalent Chromium 6 is known to cause cancer. After hearing this residents are on edge. “I would stick to just washing your dishes and taking a shower in it,” says Cox. “I would say if you’re concerned drink distilled water,” says the Founder of Friends of Water, Chris Hale.

As a public safety advocate for water Hale tells 59 News they don’t blame people for being afraid. “There’s just no excuse in this case that they haven’t come up with some sort of regulation,” says Hale.

In California it’s recommended that Hexavalent Chromium 6 doesn’t exceed .02 parts per billion in tap water. In Raleigh County, the level is .03 parts per billion. “The on safe level for chemicals like this are zero parts per billion,” says Hale.

That’s why Hale is working to change those risky levels. It won’t be a quick or easy fix but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done.

“What we need to do is raise awareness and number 2 we need to bring in healthcare professionals and come to a consensus on how we can move forward,” says Hale. He is working to gather a public safety community meeting were people can come together and find some sort of solution for this scary situation. 

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