Dangerous intersection is getting some attention


After several accidents, a dangerous intersection in Fayette County is now getting some attention from the Division of Highways. It’s an intersection that locals in the Glen Jean area of Fayette County know all too well. The intersection of U.S. 19 and Wood Mountain Road has been a site of multiple accidents in the passed few years.

Brenda McKinney delivers mail and knows a dangerous intersection when she sees one. 

“It is a very dangerous intersection and there has been fatalities here and it would be a very good idea for lights to be installed,” McKinney said.

The intersection has flashing yellow lights for drivers on Route 19 to warn them to slow down.  If you’re coming onto 19 you’ll see flashing red lights to stop. The Division of Highways realizes that that’s not enough. They’ve just recently started a project to install new traffic lights that will make drivers do more than just yield. 

I talked to a driver from Georgia who says he knew it was a dangerous intersection right when he saw it.

“If you’re headed northbound and you want to make this right turn and you’re not aware of this stop sign you could come around it too fast and rear end somebody or miss it totally and pull up in front of somebody,” Mike Amos said.

With a 55 mile per hour speed limit, if you did pull out onto Route 19 too far, the outcome could be deadly. Everyone I talked to says this light has been a long time coming. 

“I feel it would have saves some lives it had been, I feel like they should have considered that long ago,” McKinney said. 

Greg Hylton with The Division of Highways says the project will cost around $215,000 and construction is underway.

There is no completion date for the project yet, but we’re told depending on the wether, the lights should be up within the next few months. 

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