Dangerous Roads Create Slick Conditions for the Elderly


With the cold weather upon us, it makes it harder for people to do their daily routines. It’s especially hard for the elderly.

“You get older, everything hurts more,” said a Raleigh County Resident, Cebert Taylor. At age 57 Taylor said the older he gets, the harder the winter conditions are. “The older you get you can break a bone easily out there, it’s cold out there and slick, matter of fact I fell not long ago,” said Taylor.

His daily routine of driving to the store has become a challenge in the snowy conditions. Taylor said after a heart attack and open heart surgery, this weather makes him worried. “You have to be really careful out there because if you don’t you’ll get hurt, especially on Odd Road,” said Taylor.

There are precautions he takes to stay safe behind the wheel. “Wear a seat belt and drive slow, it’s about all you can do,” said Taylor.

While the main roads were plowed, it was the side roads that were covered in ice and snow which made Taylor’s travels that much harder.

“Cold weather just makes everything you have hurt, especially while you’re out there,” said Taylor.

If there was one thing he could change, he said it’s not the snow. “I’d rather be 19 again but who wouldn’t,” said Taylor.

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