Decision reached to move Fayette County schools forward


Wednesday, a decision is made regarding the future of Fayette County schools. Staff members and families filled the state board meeting in Charleston to show their support for and against a proposed consolidation plan.

“Many of the citizens of Fayette County  consider it to be the responsibility the department of education to help us move forward,” Fayette County Superintendent Terry George said.

Fayette County schools have been under state control since 2010. The discussion between Fayette County Superintendent Terry George and the state board was heated, taking many twists and turns. 

“We’ll bring you the original amendment and we’ll also bring you an amended amendment,” George said.

When the board first voted, members of the board wanted to amend the original plan to not include Meadow Bridge.

“A lot of the citizens in Fayette County don’t consider us worthy because of our small numbers,” Mistie Richmond of Meadow Bridge said.

Like many in the audience, shock and awe filled the room when the board finally voted.

“Raise your hand, the count I count is one two three four five six for those in favor, those who don’t one two three, motion carries,” West Virginia Board of Education President Michael Green said.

One Fayette County parent, Shawna Sparks was emotional after the decision was made. She tells us she can now rest easy knowing the wheels are in motion for a new school.

“The thought that my son could be going to a brand new high school gives me hope,” Sparks said.
The county will present the case to the School Building Authority and if everything works out George expects the new school to open in the Fall of 2018. 

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