Dentist: Halloween candy could eventually lead to tooth decay, disease


Candy is the best part of trick-or-treating for many children, but all those sweets can cause problems for your teeth. 

“Things with a lot of sugar makes a child a bit more prone for tooth decay,” Dr. David Najar, DDS, said. 

Tooth decay can lead to many things such cavities, bad breath, and periodontal disease. “Tooth decay takes a little bit longer to happen than one or two events, so it’s more of a habit pattern,” Dr. Najar said.   He said even a candy binge Halloween night won’t cause tooth decay immediately. “If the child wants to have candy, it’s best they have it as their dessert or their treat after a meal.” 

The American Dental Association recommends having a balanced diet to even out all the sweets. “A balanced diet is not going to have high carbohydrates or fats, it’s going to be well distributed. The body is going to digest and handle that better.”

Dr. Najar’s said his kids are now grown but as children, they were able to enjoy their Halloween candy after dinner. “No more so than i do myself, but we do everything in moderation,” Dr. Najar said. 

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