DEP Official Comes To Matoaka After Waste Water Reportedly Leaks Into A Creek


An official with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection made a stop in Matoaka on Friday February 17, 2017.  This comes after a reported spill of waste water into Wide Mouth Creek.  Matoaka Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator Roy Gerwig said the spill has been documented with the Department of Environmental Protection through a spill alert.  On Friday, an official with DEP checked out the plant along with county commissioners .

Mercer County Commissioner Bill Archer said, “You have a 40-plus year old sewage facility that really needs to be upgraded in some ways and some of the warn out equipment needs to be replaced.”

Gerwig said about 5 to 10 gallons of waste water are continuing to spill in the creek per minute at most.  We are told the spillage is happening because 1 pump is down.    He said the line has a rust hole in it.

State, local, and county officials were at the Matoaka Waste Water Treatment Plant on Friday.

Archer said, “The Department of Environmental Protection and Region 1, and the Mercer County Commission and the town of Matoaka all working together.”

The waste water leak has Matoaka resident Shannon Wiley concerned.

Wiley said, “It’s sewage dumping into a creek.  It makes the town stink too you know.  It smells bad.  I don’t want these kids fishing off a bridge and people’s feces running into it.”

Matoaka Resident Charles Nesbit said they will get through it.

Nesbit said, “It’s happened before.  I worked for the town and my wife worked for the town 29 and a half years.  It’s happened before.  It’s things that happened but it can be fixed.  Nothing is as bad as what people paint it.”

Gerwig said the problem will be fixed by Sunday.  He said he’ll be coming in on his free time and pull the pump, repair it, and put it back in service.

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