Deputies In Tazewell County Are Patrolling The Streets Working To Keep You Safe On Memorial Day


Some of you had the day off to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday but deputies in Tazewell County are patrolling the streets making sure you get home safe.  It’s one of the busiest travel days of the year.  Lt. Jonathan Hankins said they made more than 40 traffic stops over this holiday weekend with two DUI arrests.  

On Monday, May 25, 2015, Lt. Hankins said, “If you don’t have a designated driver and you choose to get on the highways and drive intoxicated and kill somebody then you can be charged with manslaughter.”

One thing deputies look out for is distracted driving.  Hankins said he stopped one driver for running off the road.  He just gave the driver a verbal warning on that stop.

Hankins said, “I stopped him to check on him and he advised me that he was looking where he shouldn’t have been which means he wasn’t paying attention.  That’s just a prime example of how quick something could happen. What if there had been a bicyclist or a pedestrian walking or another vehicle parked?”

Local drivers said the traffic was pretty heavy on Monday morning.

Tammy Allison said, “The travel has been kind of hectic.  There’s lots of people out.  There’s a lot of pedestrians here at the Flee Market so people need to be cautious coming through here because there’s a lot of people walking around.”

According to deputies, they wrote at least 15 seat belt citations.  

 Hankins is urging drivers to remember the Move Over Law. He said if you see an officer on a traffic stop, change lanes or slow down. Deputies said they responded to 2 minor accidents involving deer over the weekend.

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