Deputies Trained to Use Naloxone


With an opioid epidemic taking the lives of people everyday, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department is trying save those lives.

Naloxone is a prescription medication used to treat a narcotic overdose. It’s also something Deputy Andrew Hudson could have used on multiple occasions while on duty.”I could have used it personally three or four times where I was there 20 minutes before EMS was,” said Deputy Hudson.

Deputy Hudson described the medication as a life saver for many addicts who experience an overdose. “We need it, it’s an epidemic, if you can save someone’s life even if you have to do it ten times you’re giving them that chance to be a productive member of society,” said Deputy Hudson.

As drug addictions spread throughout Fayette County, Deputy Hudson taught all deputies on how to use Naloxone. “When we show up on scene and it’s a possible overdose, if the person isn’t breathing, we hit them with this and we do it again every two minutes,” said Deputy Hudson.

If it turns out the person actually didn’t overdosed, Naxolone will not do anything, it simply serves as a opioid blocker and it’s very easy to use. “Just an injection, inject it into the thigh just like an epipen,” said Deputy Hudson.

All deputies will be required to carry Naloxone on them and Deputy Hudson said this is needed. “Call 911 and say you have someone who overdose, we’ll do what we can to save their life,” said Deputy Hudson.

Naxolone can also be used on their K-9 officers if one of them consumes narcotics. 

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