Despite reservations, kids still enjoy rides at State Fair


Rides are a staple at the State Fair of West Virginia. From the “Stinger” to the Ferris Wheel, there is a total of 49 rides for all fair-goers to experience.

One fair-goer, Mason Kirby-Warner, loves white-knuckles rides, but was nervous about hopping on a ride similar to the one that failed at the Ohio State Fair.

“I’m just scared of what happened in Ohio. I didn’t want that to happen here, so I was just cautious about that,” said Warner.

But that didn’t stop Warner from getting experiencing the white-knuckle thrills.

“I like the turns on it because it turns sharp and it jerks you I guess,” Warner explained.

New to the State Fair this year is the Lollipop Swings. The Racing Roller Coaster was also brought back.

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