Dialysis Patient Thanks Rescue Squad Members Who Brave Winter Weather For Her Treatments


Winter weather means several snow days for some professionals and students.  If you’re in the medical field, there are no snow days.  59News took a ride along with the Bluefield Rescue Squad in Mercer County on Tuesday January 9, 2016.  65-year-old Mrs. Bradshaw of Bluefield, West Virginia has to get dialysis treatments 3 times a week.  With the winter weather in full swing, she’s thankful for crews at the Bluefield Rescue Squad who take her to and from her appointments.

Mrs. Bradshaw said, “My kidneys don’t work anymore.  I have failed kidney disease, end stage renal disease.”

Bradshaw said the paramedics take good care of her all year-round.  

Bradshaw said, “They do their job in the winter time same as they do in the summer.  They come up here.  They are ready to take me out.  They bring blankets and everything, keep me warm.”

Paramedics carry Mrs.Bradshaw down her steep steps every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Crews said the winter weather makes it even more difficult.  Chief of Operations at the Bluefield Rescue Squad Sean Cantrell said they take precautions when having to carry patients in the winter.

Cantrell said, “We have stair chairs that carry patients down steps that keep the patients safe.  We’ll carry salt on the trucks and stuff and try to scrape the steps before we carry or ask the family to do it prior as to arriving.”

Cantrell said sometimes they’ll bring extra people to help secure patients. Whatever it takes to keep people safe.  5 of the 16 ambulances at the Bluefield Rescue Squad are four-wheel drive.

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