DMV motor voter form sparks issues for voters


Some voters in Mercer County are upset after being denied the opportunity to cast their ballot on election day. They say registration issues with the DMV are to blame.

Heather Beane lives in Princeton and has been for the past 4 years. On election day she exercised her right to vote at the War Museum in downtown but there was just one problem 

“And they told me that my registration for voting had not been turned in. I fill that out when every time you renew your driver licenses at the DMV here in Princeton and it was never turned so now I cant vote,” Beane said.

When she renewed her driver’s license 4 years ago, she also filled out a motor voter form to register to vote, but she says the DMV failed to submit her paper work. 

“And from then It was supposed to be sent to the state for me to be able to vote 
that registers to vote but the lady in here said that I was not the only one who theirs were never turned,” Beane added. 

Beane claims she was not given a provisional ballot at the polling place and was told that she’d have to wait until after the election to register and vote at the courthouse. She also claims she wasn’t the only person turned away.  

59news also spoke with county clerk Verlin Moye. He said in response to the recent complaints, the county is now in the process of investigating why voters like Beane, who registered with the dmv were not registered in the county’s system  

“There have been several complaints on going for I don’t know at least two or three election that they claimed to have registered at the DMV.
I’m going to try and familiarize myself a little more with the process and maybe see if there is some way either through communications or advertisements or some sort of a follow up maybe we can do to help these voters out a bit,” Moye said.

Heather Beane said she has filed a complaint with the secretary of state’s office  and they told her they received similar complaints from multiple counties in West Virginia  She also said she plans to register to vote at the courthouse from now on to prevent this issue from happening again. 

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