Dog with depression is given a foster home


     A dog from the Mercer County animal shelter escapes euthanization thanks to the help of social media and a foster group out of Tennessee.
     Coffee, a Brindle-boxer mix, recently began to feel depressed. He started hurting himself by hitting his head against the wall and those at the shelter couldn’t help him. Michelle Muncy, the Executive Director of the Mercer County Animal Shelter, says he is the friendliest dog with people, but he was not allowed to interact with other dogs because of behavioral problems, “The walls began to close in on him, he needed a family or someone to provide him with that love and that interaction and he had become abusive to himself.”
     Tuesday was a huge blessing for Coffee and everyone at the shelter, but Heath Mitchell, says it was also an emotional day, “He definitely had a spot in my heart.”
     While everyone will miss Coffee they are excited to see him go, because they know what’s best for him. Sara Sullivan, with Kaigan’s Ark, says “We came here to bust Coffee out of this place. He’s been here long enough. We saw him actually online, people had made a huge big deal out of him and I’d saw him up here a few times, but I didn’t really know the urgency and how depressed he was.” They will provide him with rehabilitation, give him some much need mental and physical stimulation. Provide him with some rehab, to hopefully help be able to learn to interact with other dogs, that was the whole problem, he didn’t have those skills.” Coffee’s new foster parents will meet him Thursday.  To follow Coffee’s journey click here:

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