Donations Needed For Wade Center To Give Food To Students For The Weekend


A non-profit organization designed to help at risk students in Mercer County needs your help.  This year, the Wade Center in Bluefield does not have the funding to give children food to take home for the weekend.  We are told they need donations to help keep children fed on the weekends in Mercer County.
Director of the Wade Center Paige Bohon said, “We’ve got a little bit to get us through the next couple of weeks but it goes very quickly.  Some of the items may seem a little much to ask for like things like Chef Boyardee and Easy Mac that aren’t the most cost effective things but, we want to know that these kids are being full and that they’re having enough to eat on the weekends.”

The Wade Center is an after school and summer program.  It’s open for kids Monday through Thursday from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Anyone wishing to help out can call the Wade Center at 304 323-3777.

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