Drivers need to be more cautious now that school is back in session


By now, for most kids, school is back in session, which also means buses are back on the roads. 59News is working for you to see what’s being done to slow drivers down.  A video out of Cross Lanes was just released, where a driver zooms past a school bus, not paying attention to the two stop signs or the students getting ready to cross the street. 

The Transportation Supervisor of Mercer County, Fred Scott, says this happens more than you would think and  drivers need to pay better attention,  “When approaching a bus stop, we will activate the amber loading lights, which are the yellow lights, this is a good signal for you to slow down, because the bus is preparing to stop.”
The Chief Deputy of the Mercer County Sheriff Department, Darrell Bailey, added that kids safety should be everyone’s number one priority, “Kids, when they get off the school bus, they’re running, they have their mind focused on getting to a parent or something, they’re not paying any attention to the traffic.” 

For drivers who aren’t worried about kids safety, The Sheriff Department wants you to know you will be caught. Most buses are now equipped with cameras. A lot of them have one camera facing traffic head on and then they have a second camera facing the rear of the bus, that will record your license plate number as you speed by them. The bus driver can then turn that over to the police and you will be fined or could even face jail time. 
If you are charged with running past a school bus, you could face a $500 dollar fine and up to six months in jail. 

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