West Virginia State Police Troopers rescued a young child covered in filth found in the backseat of a car during a DUI arrest.

The 1-year-old baby was found in a child safety seat covered in vomit when troopers pulled over the car at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016 on Oakvale Road. The location is less than a mile from the Princeton detachment of the WVSP.

The driver was arrested, but the child was brought back to the detachment. Troopers said the baby had apparently been sick for some time. They immediately sprang into action to make the child at home until child protective services could arrive.

“As a father myself, I couldn’t let it sit in its own urine and feces and vomit,” said Senior Trooper D.C. Graham. “So I went ahead and drew a bath in the sink of the detachment and was able to clean him up a little bit and get him feeling a little bit better.”

The baby brought smiles to the Troopers’ faces, but the driver, whose name is not being released, is facing a charge of DUI with a minor. The child is in the custody of a legal guardian and under the supervision of CPS.