Easing Back To School Jitters


While many students and parents may have the back to school routine down pat, other parents who have students headed for the first day of school ever, are a little jittery.

Parent Greta Harris said, “I’m extremely nervous.  I know that she’s nervous but I think I might be a little bit more nervous.”

Once her daughter, Winnie gets the hang of it, Greta Harris will be better at it.  For Winnie, the promise of new friends has her excited. 

Winnie Harris said, “Best pals!”

Preschool Teacher at Tazewell Presbyterian Preschool Donnetta Graham has some advice for parents who have children attending school for the first time.

Graham said, “Speak positive about the school and be happy and excited.  That kind of just makes the children at ease that their mom is happy so they’re happy.”

Graham said one way to help with back to school jitters is attending orientation. 

Mary Graf is a little bit emotional but she feels like her daughter is ready.

Graf said, “Just try to stay calm and embrace the change because there’s good in every stage of their life and it is hard to let go but I’m excited for this next step.”

Her daughter Presley is excited. 

One mother who is familiar with the preschool routine is encouraging parents to be patient.  

Jill Sawyers said, “Take your time with them and let them know it’s ok to be a little scared.  This is something new something to get started on you’ll do fine.”

Her son Jaxson Sawyers said, “I’m ready to go back to school.”

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