Education standards are changing in West Virginia


   A new education plan is voted on Thursday, December 17, 2015, by the West Virginia State Board of Education. Common Core is no more here in the Mountain State. 59News is working to find out what exactly this means for area classrooms.
     The Common Core standards are being replaced with The West Virginia College and Career Readiness Standards. 59News sat down with a local teacher to see what he thinks of the changes. John Quesenberry, a history teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School, says that excessive standardized tests should have been done away with a long time ago, “We’ve been fighting for a long time to get the overuse of testing out of the school system, we lose so much instructional time just on preparing for and giving state standardized tests.”
     The new standards do away with all social studies testing,  and science testing will not be in grades three, five, seven, eight, nine, and 11. Quesenberry is glad to not have to worry about standardized tests, but he is concerned of what this means for his history courses, “If your county is going to be evaluated by the state on by how your students perform on standardized test scores, then your probably going to devote more time and resources to those courses that are going to be measured.” He says it’s already been suggested to lower the instructional minutes students spend in history class. Students will still take math and reading standardized tests every year.
     Other changes that are being brought about include handwriting instructions in grades K-4. And kids are expected to learn multiplication tables by the end of grade 3. Quesenberry says going back to the basics is great, “We should have basic skills, basic concepts that students need to learn and then we should teach them how to think, and empower them to have the tools to make good decisions and stand by their own conviction. The new standards will take effect July 2016.

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