Elderly Fairmont man defends himself with deadly force


Fairmont police have identified the three people involved in Tuesday morning’s deadly home invasion on the 700 block of Gaston Avenue.

Upon arriving at a residence, police said they found a man dressed in black lying in the road with a gunshot wound to his head/neck. He has been identified as Larry Shaver, 28, of Fairmont. Shaver was later pronounced dead at the scene. Across the street they also found another man shot in the lower part of his torso. He has been identified as John Grossklaus, 28, of Fairmont.

An 80-year-old man living in the residence said Shaver, Grossklaus and a woman attempted to rob him after the woman came to his door, asking to use his phone for an emergency, according to a press release from the Fairmont Police Department. When he let her in, two men dressed in dark clothes entered the home, showed what appeared to be a handgun, and demanded items from the victim.  He shot both men as they were trying to rob him, according to police.  Police later identified the robbers’ weapon as a realistic looking pellet or BB gun.

The woman, identified as Whitney Kabiru, 23, ran away and was later arrested by police. She is being held on robbery and conspiracy charges at the North Central Regional Jail. Grossklaus is listed in stable condition at Ruby Memorial Hospital. Among other crimes, He will be charged with robbery.

The Fairmont Detective Division is still in the process of evaluating evidence pertaining to this case, according to the press release. Authorities are also investigating the possibility that Shaver and Grossklaus were involved in other reported crimes that happened before the robbery in the house on Gaston Avenue.

Detectives said as a result of their investigation, it appears the homeowner had reason to believe that his use of force was necessary to defend himself against a perceived imminent use of unlawful deadly force.

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