Elders at risk for serious abuse


Sue Jones is 86 years old and says that she has been victimized because of her age. Her house has been broken into on multiple occasions.

“Well they do know that were going to have some medicines that they are after. Most of mine were blood pressures and that stuff, but they want something that will give them a high,” says Jones.

On Monday a Bluefield, Virginia woman’s caregiver was stealing her checks right from her home and Jones says it makes her worry. 

“When you’re older and need a little help it’s hard to get someone you feel like you can really trust to come into the house, into your own home,” says Jones.

At the Raleigh County Commission on Aging, they work to help these elders to prevent these situations from happening.

“We have a social worker Crystal Foley, that work with the seniors on the problems that occur and many of those problems are incidents of elder abuse,” says the Executive Director of the Raleigh County Commission on Aging, Jack Tanner.

Some seniors who have been taken advantage of have learned their lesson and now take measures to prevent these problems themselves.

“They try to trick you to give them information over the phone, so I just don’t answer if it’s someone I don’t know,” says Faye Tyree.

The Commission on Aging wants to remind everyone to say something if you suspect any abuse on an elder, because in most situations they are helpless.

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