Emergency crews are training at Pipestem


     The 35th annual Escape conference is going on this week at Pipestem Resort State Park. 59News went to the conference to see why events like this are so vital to our safety.
     When your house goes up in flames or you wreck your car, firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement are the people that come to your rescue. The Escape Conference is where they receive a lot of their training.  Al Whitaker, the Director of Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is teaching one of the 60 classes that are partaking this week. His class is the Traffic Incident Management Program, “how to handle the traffic during a traffic accident, vehicle fire on the road, various things on that. Some of the various laws and regulations, how to setup cones and things.”
     Whitaker’s class wraps up Thursday, he says then he will be a student just like everyone else, “I’m also a paramedic so I’ll be taking various EMS classes for my re-certification.”  Paramedics are required to take a certain number of classes. Billy Trump, with RESA 1, says the goal is to get these individuals interested in learning new things about their field of work, “Emergency services are very dynamic and what we have, people are right on the cutting edge. West Virginia is a rural state and we get an opportunity to bring that cutting edge training here to our rural area.” More than 450 people are attending the conference for training.

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