Enchanted Chocolate Forest comes to the Chocolate Festival


Amy Mills put the finishing touches on her enchanted forest sculpture made entirely of chocolate for the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival.Mills is the Executive Pastry Chef at the Greenbrier Sporting Club, and she has been participating in the festival for the last five years.

Each year she wows the crowds with her unique over the top chocolate sculpture and this year is no different. Mills said she got this year’s idea for after seeing all the Disney movies that have come out recently. 

“Snow White and the Huntsman plays a big role in our sculpture this year with the mushrooms that are looking at you and the giant turtle and some of the elements that come to life,” said Amy Mills. 

Mills said the enchanted creation took around a week to build,  but it took much longer to plan.

“It’s a lot of hours of research and then from there we go into planning the scale and then looking at many elements that we can use that we can make out of chocolate,” said Mills.

Her entire sculpture is made out of chocolate. The display is around three feet tall and four feet wide, so moving the massive chocolate confection can be tricky.

“That’s always the most nerve racking part of it is getting it where it’s suppose to go and this has a lot of moving parts. Our trees are kind of swaying a little bit so we’re definitely worried that we might have a couple broken limbs along the way,” said Mills.

Mills and her crew will put the sculpture into a box truck and carry it over early tomorrow morning. She did say if any pieces were to fall off, her crew is ready to replace and fix them.

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