“I didn’t want to see the video and at the same time I had to, it killed mentally, I didn’t know how to think,” Nathan Lewis said.

Lewis said it broke his heart as he watched his ex-wife Ashley Laner staggering after neighbors and police say she was passed out in her car, high on heroin.

“I was under the assumption that everything was okay, we were getting her the right help,” he said.

Lewis and his family drove over 400 miles to Fayetteville Wednesday to fight for custody of his 16-month old son. The family says they weren’t even allowed to be inside the hearing.

“As a mom, heartbreaking knowing that my grandson is in that situation,” Andrea Ayliffe, Lewis’s mother said.

Lewis said he and Laner were happy together in Michigan, then she left for West Virginia. The last time Laner say he saw her was a year ago. Now all Lewis and his family want to do is give his son a normal life.

“He was born addicted, I just want them to know that I’m willing to do anything I have to I traveled every other time for court, for him,” he said.