EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Man arrested on Woodlawn Ave speaks out


Woodlawn Avenue was shut down on Monday as Police cars swarmed Richard Hinds’ home. Police said they got a call of a domestic dispute and Hinds was ready to take on law enforcement with his bullet proof vest. 

“Now a days it’s crazy. I have the right to own it, carry it and wear it anytime,” Richard Hinds said. 

When Police got to the house, Hinds came out saying he had a right to stay on his property and he did nothing wrong. We spoke to the lead investigator with Beckley Police, Jeff McPeake. 

“At that point we don’t know what we’re up against, so we take all the precautions we can,” McPeake said. 

Hinds is a legal gun owner and police say he was unarmed during the incident

As police tried to get Hinds out of the house, He told me he was on the phone with his brother. He was telling him he didn’t know why police where there and was scared for his life. 

“My brother asked me if I go outside with a gun I better be ready to die. I looked at him and told him I said I am ready to die,” Hinds said. 

Hinds eventually went outside and surrendered. Police said everyone has bad days, but Hinds didn’t handle it the right way.

“If you throw kids in the mix or divorce in the mix some people become really emotional or unstable,” McPeake said.  

“If I would have stepped out here and had my rights I probably would have been shot dead and I did not want to come out,” Hinds said. 

Hinds ended up being arrested for obstruction. Police then took his gun, bullet proof vest, and knife from inside his house. Now he’s left searching for legal help and will soon be evicted from his home. 


Beckley Police and West Virginia State Troopers were called to 209 Woodlawn Ave. on August 10, 2015.  Officers with the Beckley Police Department said a man who “was not happy with the day” was causing a scene.  It happened at around 3 p.m.

The man, Richard Hinds III, was wouldn’t come out of his home when Police asked. Hinds ended up complying but was charged with obstruction of a Police Officer. 

Nobody was injured in the incident and police ended up taking a gun, knives and bulletproof vest from Hinds. Hinds was not armed during the incident but did own the gun he had legally. 

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