Exclusive interview: Widow speaks out about husbands death


Angela and Choya Adkins have been married for just over 7 years. Those were the best years of Angela’s life. Everything changed Sunday night, when her husband was shot to death. 

“The last thing Choya said to me on the phone was I’ll be home in just a bit and I love you and I told him I loved him. I didn’t think those were the last words we’d ever say to each other,” Angela Adkins said. 

The investigation led right to Choya’s Brother, Mark Adkins, as the alleged shooter. We’re told the 2 were fighting, when things escalated and Mark got a gun and did the unthinkable. Now, Choya’s wife is left to arrange her husbands funeral.   

“You don’t have to take his life over a petty fight. You just don’t. He didn’t deserve to die,” Angela said. 

We’re told that alcohol was involved, but the family told me that doesn’t give them enough closure and they want more. 

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