EXCLUSIVE: Man who filmed Beckley fight speaks out


 A viral video of a fight in uptown Beckley has people questioning the law. Some believe the man who filmed the fight committed a crime by not reporting it to Police. Detective David Allard told 59 News the man did not commit a crime. 

We spoke exclusively to Timothy Gibbs, the man who was behind the camera, to see what he thought. 

” I mean, what do they expect me to do? I was just sitting there waiting on the bus, I seen the fight, I thought it was funny. There’s a lot of fight videos on Facebook, I don’t see why everybody is on my case now,” Timothy Gibbs said. 

With such a brutal beating happening feet from Gibbs we asked if he even considered calling Police. 

“Homie, I watched and recorded it. As far as putting my nose in it and breaking it up or calling police or anything I wasn’t a part of that, that’s how people get hurt,” Gibbs said. 

Gibbs said he thought it was funny. .

“I just laughed, that’s all I could do looking at them,” Gibbs said. 

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