Family says 2 brothers died after smoking synthetic marijuana


Over the weekend, two men overdosed after allegedly smoking synthetic marijuana. It’s known on the streets as “spice” or “legal weed” and the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating several cases involving the product. The product contains certain herbs and man made chemicals that cause mind altering effects. 

We’re told That Gary Williams II and Robert Williams, both in their late 20’s, died before even getting to the hospital. Gary left behind 3 children and Robert left behind a 1 year old and had a child on the way.  

“Do you know how painful it is to tell  and 8, an 7 and 5 year old that there father ain’t coming back,” the men’s step mother, Renee Williams, said.  

Now, the family wants to raise awareness of the dangers of consuming synthetic marijuana. After losing both of his sons, Gary Williams has a message to those who use the product or might use it in the future.  

“You don’t know what you’re doing to your parents. You don’t know what your doing to your doing to your kids,” Gary Williams said. 

Certain types of synthetic marijuana are legal and can be bought at certain places in our area. The companies who make it say it’s not for human consumption and have that labeled on the bags. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources the chemical make up of the product is frequently changed to keep it legal.

If you’d like to help the family you can send donations to the Tyree Funeral Home in Mt. Hope. 

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