Family Speaks Out About Headstone Damage At Cemetery In Wyoming County


A woman in Wyoming County gets an unwelcome surprise when she went to visit the grave of her loved ones on Tuesday September 8, 2015.  Phyllis New was in for a rude awakening Tuesday after she said she went to Palm Memorial Gardens to lay flowers on her parents’ grave, only to find damage.  

New said, “I found the marker broken and also our mother passed away in April and there has not been grass planted on the grave.”

New said officials at Palm Memorial Gardens gave her an explanation.  

New said, “They said that when they took the marker up to put the date of our mother’s death on the marker, that’s when it was broken and chipped.  We were not notified that anything was wrong with the marker.  We had to go and find it, you know families should be notified.”

59News called Palm Memorial Gardens about the incident but they declined to comment.

New’s sister Carolyn Stewart said when she found out about the damage, she was heartbroken. 
She called Palm Memorial Gardens Wednesday morning.  

Stewart said, “She said we will repair or replace.  I said no you won’t repair.  My mom and dad worked hard and had very little money.  They had to rack and scrap to buy the stones and all.  I said you won’t repair, I want it replaced.  She came back and called me and said it would be replaced.”  

 Phyllis New is urging residents to check on the graves of their loved ones at Palm Memorial Gardens.  

New said, “It’s heartbreaking to come and find this.”

New said employees told her the damage would be fixed by the end of this week. 

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