Family speaks out after loved one was hit by car Saturday


 “I was screaming and crying and thinking the worst that you know my mother in law was going to was going to be taken from me,” Melisa Wykle, Patricia Smith is her mother-in-law said.

Family and friends of Patricia Smith say they saw her get run over first hand and that image is engrained in their memory.

“There was five of us screaming at Patty to move and he hit her and ran her over several times,” Roxanna Honaker, a friend of Patricia Smith said.

She says Anthony Wickline was backing out of their driveway when he hit Patty Smith. After witnessing the traumatic accident Wykle and many others rushed to Smiths aid.     

“There just happened to be a paramedic for Priority Ambulance that seen her laying on the ground and stopped and helped us,” Wykle said.

According to the Fayette County Sheriffs Department, Smith was transported to Charleston Area Medical Center by Health Net air ambulance. Smiths friends say they’re just thankful she’s still alive.

“Broken Pelvis, broken shoulder, quite a bit of road rash, but we’re hoping she makes a full recovery,” Honaker said.

Now regarding Wickline, both Wykle and Honaker say the whole thing is just a freak accident and wasn’t intentional.

“I don’t think any less of him because it was an accident, I mean I still like the boy, I mean he didn’t mean to run over my mother in law, he just didn’t see her,” Wykle said.

Family and friends say Smith is still at Charleston Area Medical Center receiving treatment.

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