Father of Victim Speaks Out After Man is Found Guilty of Murder in Mercer County


A Raleigh County man is found guilty of killing his wife in Mercer County.  On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, a jury of 12 people convicted Johnnie Farley of killing his wife in 2014.  Lynnette Farley was found in a shallow grave in the Egeria area of Mercer County after she was reported missing.  Her family can now breathe a sigh of relief.  59News spoke with her father after the verdict was read.

David Totten said, “Everyone now knows that justice was served.  That was my only daughter.  She’s going to be missed.  She has a grandchild she will never see.”

Johnnie’s family couldn’t hold back tears when the verdict was read and also earlier in the day when one of his daughters took the stand.  

Kayla Farley said, “My daddy is a good person.  Everybody has a breaking point.  He just, I don’t know what pushed him
 to do it.”

 The state played the audio recording of Farley taking troopers to the scene and telling them exactly what he did.  The defense was arguing that his wife was having an affair. Defense attorneys also called a psychiatrist to the stand saying Farley checked himself into the hospital for depression months before the incident.  Lynnette’s father had a comment for Johnnie.

David Totten said, “I gave you my daughter.  What did you give me? Lynnette was very sweet, very loving, she loved people and she loved life.”

There will be a hearing at 11 a.m. on Thursday to determine when Farley will be sentenced.

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