Fayette County deputy goes above and beyond the badge to help children in need


 Mom’s always getting on us to clean up, it”s for a good reason. Reasons why Rachel Stevens and her husband Frankie adopted five kids.

“Augusta the oldest was 14 at the time when CPS called and said they that were coming to remove the children, not to leave,” Rachel Stevens said.

Rachel knew the five kids from church. She knew they desperately needed help. The children lived in a dangerous situation.

“I knew that they would try to place them with a family member and I asked if they had a family member that would take them and the mother said no and I said well when CPS gets there, if they don’t have a home, I’ll take them,” she said.

In early October the Stevens welcomed five new children into their home, on top of the four children she and Frankie already had..

“She always wanted a big family and I guess she got it, but I love it, I stay at home, I’m disabled, so I stay home and do most of the cooking and you know I love it,” Frankie Stevens said.

For Frankie, this all hits home, he too was once a foster child.

“I left when I was twelve and lived with a foster dad and he was wonderful, and you know maybe I feel like I owe that too,” he said.

Rachel and Frankie have a simple message for families who are considering adoption.

“There’s lots of children that need a home, going and taking a couple of classes and taking a child in and loving it is the least we could do,” she said.
Stevens tells me if you’re looking to adopt, please visit your local Division of Health and Human Resources office.

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