Fayette County Fallen Officers Honored With New Memorial


Fallen law enforcement officers of Fayette County were honored Monday, May 15, 2017 with a brand new memorial. 

It means everything to people like Caren Hunt. Her brother, Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputy Roger Treadway, is the most recent officer in the county to die in the line of duty, in 1975.

“It’s something you never forget,” Hunt said. “The night it happened is still very fresh in your mind all the time.”

The memorial is a place for family members of the fallen officers or anyone in the community to come reflect on the ultimate sacrifice these men gave. 

“The officers are so nice and they go out of their way, and it’s a lot of effort for them to do all of this,” Hunt said.

But it was just one new part of a long time law enforcement tradition in Fayette County. Dozens of officers, deputies and troopers alike came to pay respects to their fallen brothers and sisters. 

Those who protect and serve are fully aware of the danger they signed up for.

“It’s a risk every time you put this uniform on,” David Kinzer, Fayetteville police chief, said. “You walk out the door, you never know what kind of people you’re going to run into, or what kind of day you’re going to have when you go to work.”

And that’s why all of law enforcement in Fayette County will never give up on this tradition. 

“The memory of our brothers and sisters who have been killed in the line of duty will not be lost,” Garland Burke, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 118 vice president, said. “We honor them each and every year, so that their memory and the things they did to protect the citizens of West Virginia will never be forgotten.”

The Fayette County Commission and other donors paid for the new law enforcement memorial. It cost around $7,000.

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