Fayette County family speaks out after violent stabbing


An emotional plea from Crystal Browning. Her son, Daniel Gibson, stabbed last Friday at a home off Orchard Road in Scarbro. She recalls waking up to a phone call from a friend franticly yelling.

“The person that called me and said you have to wake up you have to listen to me, Dennis is dying. He’s bleeding really bad, he’s been stabbed,”  Browning said.

Browning then rushed to Plateau, from there they followed the ambulance to Charleston Area Medical Center. It was a long night for the family.

“They thought it would only take an hour and a half, it ended up being a three hour surgery,” she said.

Browning says her son’s liver is sliced and his pancreas is punctured. The family is taking it day by day.

“It’s just been a nightmare, a complete nightmare,” Browning said.

Deputies say 21 year old Justin Craigo of oak hill turned himself in last Friday.
Browning says they are looking to press for attempted murder  charges when her son is released from the hospital.

“And I feel very very sorry for his mom and dad because I wouldn’t want my son to be charged,” she said.
Browning also says her son is in critical condition at this time in the trauma unit at Charleston area medical center.

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