Fayette County Graduates Awarded with Scholarships


Marshall Cox is attending Marshall University in the Fall with the assistance of the Mountain of Hope Scholarship Organization. Cox says this scholarship is huge help for him as prepares for college.

“This is a generous donation to me and I think that it’s going to help continue my success in college,” says Cox.

Michaela Conelly expresses that without this scholarship she may not have been able to live out her dream to become a teacher.

“You know without it I wouldn’t have enough funds for college so I’m thankful to be selected,” Conelly.

Four students were given $1500 toward their college tuition on Sunday (5/29).

They were selectively picked based on the needs for the scholarship and their academic success.

Scott and Brenda Vargo helped raise the money for these scholarships through fundraisers and explain this is something the students will eventually give back to the community.

“We hope that it is cyclic, that we’re helping these kids and in return they will help us,” says Brenda Vargo.

These students agree and want to give back to their community that is helping to pursue their dreams.

“One day I actually hope to come back and have my own scholarship to give the kids,” says Deonte Scruggs. 

These students express that anyone can achieve this if you just apply.

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