Fayette County Prosecutor speaks out on ruling of SBA not funding a new school


Fayette County, as well as 19 other school districts would if their funding needs would be met.
The county asked the SBA for a three year, 39 million dollar plan to consolidate Fayetteville, Oak Hill, Midland Trail and Meadow Bridge.

After being nominated by board member Tina Combs and Dr. Michael Martirano, members of the SBA motion to take Fayette County off the list. The motion carried and Fayette County will not receive funding for this year.

Fayette County Prosecutor Larry Harrah said, “I think politics had a role to play in this just to be quite honest with you, I think you have two state bureaucracies who can’t get along, can’t agree with one another and they’re fighting like children and they’re hurting children, that’s what I think is happening.”

Fayette county can resubmit a new consolidation plan next year.

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