Fayette County residents recover from heavy rainfall and flooding


Heavy rainfall has wreaked havoc on many neighborhoods in Fayette County. Neighborhoods throughout the Scarbro and Mossy areas had closed roads and power outages.

Scarbro resident Regina Bragg says she’s never experienced flooding like this before. 

“It was underneath the shed and it’s never went that far before,” Bragg said.

Monday’s heavy rainfall sent high water rushing through her backyard and under her house. Bragg says her flooded property makes it difficult to care for her elderly mother.

“It is scary. I have my son, he’ll help me but trying to take someone that can’t walk, through water, it’s really hard,” Bragg added. 

Bragg’s neighborhood wasn’t the only one affected by the rain. 

Another Scarbro resident, Rodger Shuemake has lived in the town for decades, but this isn’t his first flooding experience.

“I’m sort of used to it since I’ve lived here this long. My neighbors are really the ones that have a hard time. She’s handicapped and he’s crippled, too so they have a hard time,” Shuemake said.

It’s important to keep in mind that just because the rain has passed, there could still be deep pools of water on the roads.

That’s why you should be extremely careful, especially when you see a high water sign.

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