Fayetteville Man Airlifted to Hospital After House Fire


A man had to be airlifted to hospital care after his house caught fire, Sunday morning in Fayetteville. 

George Gowman was rescued by Oak Hill and Fayetteville firefighters and flown to Cabell Huntington Hospital. 

“At the time I was ventilating the kitchen, I walked into the bathroom and found the subject laying there,” Levi Burgess of the Oak Hill Fire Department tells 59News. “And I proceeded to grab him and pull him out, then I got assistance from my other guys and Fayetteville’s guys, and we dragged him out together.”

The Gowman family has owned the house for more than 60 years. They are devastated about what happened. 

“That house meant everything to me because it belonged to my parents,” says Gladis Gowman, George Gowman’s wife. “And now I don’t what we’re going to do, where we’re going to live or nothing else.”

Gladis Gowman says she isn’t sure how, or even if the house can be fixed. 

“We’ll have to get some money because all the money I had got burnt up in the house,” Gladis Gowman says.

The Gowman family lost three dogs in the fire, but Gladis was able to save two of the puppies that were born on Saturday. 

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating how the fire started. Currently George Gowman’s condition has not been disclosed. 

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