FBI Report Claims Wyoming County Has Highest Burglary Rate


An recent FBI report with statistics from 2011 shows that at nearly 13 burglaries per 1000 residents, Wyoming County has the highest rate of burglaries in the state per capita.

But C.S. Parker, Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department chief deputy, says that drug dealing is the main concern of law enforcement in the county instead. He actually couldn’t recall a single burglary in the county since the beginning of 2016.

Parker tells us because the FBI report ranks the county burglary rates based on population, it could be misleading. 

For example there were 18 recorded burglaries in Wyoming County and 218 in Raleigh County, but Wyoming County had a larger burglary rate because of how much smaller the population is there.   

“Well you take the size of this county compared to Raleigh County and our crime rate is going to seem a lot worse than or bigger than theirs but it’s not,” Parker says. “And compared to their burglaries, there’s a great big difference in the size of this county.”

Parker says while he had no records of any burglaries in the county this year, there have been several breaking and enterings in Wyoming County. In January, the county Sheriff’s Department arrested 59 of 60 suspects in what Parker calls the largest drug raid in the history of the county. 

The FBI reports Berkeley County had the next highest burglary rate per capita in 2011 at 9.91.

The full report can be found here: http://public.tableau.com/shared/Z2ZF6DNT2?:display_count=yes&:showVizHome=no

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