First Day of Gauley Season Is Finally here


Miles and Miles of challenging, gut wrenching, high volume rapids; whitewater lovers have been patiently waiting to take on the beast of the east – the Gauley river. With class 4 and 5 rapids; the rafting on the Gauley river is considered one of the best in the county.. and the top five in the world.  It was busy down by the water on the seasons first day, rafters say they just keep coming back – they’ve been doing it for years. 

“I got started when I was a kid my dad taught me how to kayak so I moved up here when I turned 18 and I’ve been doing it ever since.” Charlie Dillon, said.

“About 17, 18 years.” Karen Raines, said.

“I’m 15, I’ve been around water since I was two years old and started kayaking when I was nine.” Dion Carrol, said.

“36 years, I actually relocated to be here, I used to guide it but now I’m too old.” Fred Blocklinger, said. 

Those who keep coming back say it may just be one of their favorite days. 

Dillon, told us, “It’s one of my favorite days in West Virginia it’s the best river around so much fun we got big class five rapids and all kinds of good stuff out here.”

And some say those who haven’t tried it – HAVE TO.

“Why shouldn’t they? I mean look at this, it’s gorgeous, it’s West Virginia, I mean we traveled from Michigan to get here for good reason, it’s awesome.” Michael Boer, said. 

People from across the globe come to experience the first day of Gauley season, some would say there’s only one way to describe it.





“better than Christmas for a little kid.”

If you’ve never rafted on the Gauley before and are interested in doing it, experts say go with a guided tour – you won’t regret it.


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