Fit tips for the new year


Losing weight is a popular new year resolution for most Americans. As a result 59News found out the best tips on how to start the new year off right for a healthy lifestyle. 

For Justin Klein, when it comes to setting that New Year resolution,  it’s all about doing what it takes to live a healthy life style.

“It’s probably just the number one thing just to stay healthy and look the best you can, Cline said. 

That’s why when he’s not busy working as a local carpenter, you can find him here at the Princeton recreation center. “You always have to improve yourself you just always have to get better,” he said. 

Make no doubt about it getting healthy continues to be a top priority to bring in the New Year. We spoke with a local trainer to find the best tips to getting started on living a healthier lifestyle. Tank Tunstalle said it all begins with your diet.

“You gotta throw away some of your snacks you know. I’m a big advocate of snacks myself and you know I’m trying to lose weight so right now my goal I gotta get rid of the pizza’s I gotta get rid of the candy bars, the sodas. Some of the things you’re used to having all the time and once you do that then the rest falls into place,” Tunstalle said. 

  From there it’s best to start a beginner fat Burning Cardio  routine. He suggests Hitting the treadmill or jogging around the neighborhood is a good place to start. “Maybe  first you want to start 20 minutes so you say every day for the first week I want to do 20 minutes a day then as you go on and you start feeling better about yourself then you go 25 and you can go 30 and as you get better and better then you can also ways lengthen your workout.”

Finally he suggests finding a partner or someone to get fit with.”Don’t just jump in full stream because you might just end up on your back just try to get with somebody that can help you and once you get started you’ll be able to go from there,” he said. 

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