Flood Damaged Greenbrier Resort Golf Courses Inch Closer to Completion


Less than a month before the 2016 Greenbrier Classic was set to begin, all of Greenbrier County found themselves looking at a massive amount of water where their PGA Tour course once was. 

“Really the only way to describe it was a disaster area. It was really some major, major damage and kind of tough to see,” says Sports Greenbrier Public Relations Director Cam Huffman. 

There was water as far as the eye could see. That devastation left tournament organizers with no choice but to cancel. Now, 8 months later, things are looking up.

Huffman adds, “this summer it was kind of everybody’s vision to come back and have it be open and have it be beautiful. Have everybody know that we’re back on our feet by this summer. I think they’ve worked incredibly hard to make sure that happened, and it looks like it’s going to happen now.”

It was no easy task. The progress has been made possible by the countless employees and volunteers who spent hours working. They put their love for the game in to every tee box, fairway, and green that America’s Resort has to offer. 

 It’s not just about preparing for the 2017 Greenbrier Classic, though. It’s also about getting members, resort guests, and golf gurus back out on the links. 

“We want to see them back out here. We want to see them smiling again and enjoying what they’ve always enjoyed,” Huffman says. 

In anticipation of warm weather this weekend, the resort also announced that  12 holes of  the Greenbrier course will be open for play! It will be $50.00 to play as much golf as you’d like. 

Each course is set to officially open at a different time during the spring and summer months

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