Flood survivor begins new life in Hope Village


It’s an emotional time of the year for many people, as we approach the one year anniversary for the June floods. 59 News spoke with one man about that very night that changed his life forever. 

While moving into his new house in Hope Village, Ronnie Scott is reminded of the home he shared with his wife Belinda on Mill Hill Drive. That was one of the dozens of homes in White Sulphur Springs destroyed by the June 2016 floods. But it wasn’t just his home he lost to the floods. His beloved wife Belinda Scott passed away after severe burns and injuries she sustained from the flood. 

“I really miss having her to help me hang curtains, I’m not very good at picking out curtains and bed spreads but I know she’s happy with this house,” Scott said. 

Now he begins a new chapter of his life, moving into his new home in Hope Village with his pal Dancer, the dog he adopted just months after the flood. He plans to move in June 23rd and he’s already making plans to share his three bedroom home with his children and grandchildren.

Scott says he’s amazed at the support and help he and his neighbors received during this recovery process.

“There’s been a lot of people that have been amazing. I didn’t know that many people in the world cared about other people,” Scott added. 

All he asks is on the afternoon June 23rd, that everyone take a moment and appreciate their loved ones, and the life they have. He says you never know when everything can change.

“I appreciate the way people have volunteered. White Sulphur Springs still needs rebuilding, we still need volunteers,” Scott said.

The town of White Sulphur Springs continues to prosper amid their flood recovery efforts, having opened about 10 new businesses on their Main Street.

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