Thursday morning residents awoke to see the Greenbrier River had overflowed it’s banks in several areas, including the Ronceverte Island Park. 

At that time emergency officials said no residents or their homes were in danger.

“When it gets up into the amphitheatre area we know it’s close, but at that point, even when it goes totally under, the actual platform and the rails there’s still not any danger to homes at that point,” said Al Whitaker, Director of Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management. 

Whitaker said the snow and dropping temperatures should prevent more flooding.

“With it snowing, it does help the flooding aspect of it, because it does slow the melting process down, and it helps the rivers catch up and go back down within the banks,” said Whitaker. 

Greenbrier Homeland Security and Emergency Management is also monitoring ice flowing down the Greenbrier River from Pocahontas County. Whitaker says the pieces of ice could jam up around bridges and cause the water back up and flood certain areas. 

Greenbrier County still could have flooding problems in the next couple of days. Temperatures are warming up Friday and throughout the weekend.