Floridians brace for Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma has already caused devastation in the Caribbean as it barrels towards the U.S. Unsure of where the storm will make landfall, people in Florida are still preparing for the worst.

This storm has already made an impact in West Virginia as several members of the 59News team are from Florida, or have family in Florida. Their family members described the scene in Florida as chaotic. There are lines at both gas stations and grocery stores. Supplies such as bread and water are out of stock, and people are boarding up their windows with hurricane shutters.

Kathy Phillips, mother of 59News Reporter, Riley Phillips, said Florida residents are not taking any chances.

“We are in preparing mode. I think we’re taking the warning seriously because of the lines at the gas station, the lines at the hardware stores and the lack of water and bread in the area. But I think a category 5 has everyone’s attention,” Phillips said. 

Even those who have lived through hurricanes are worried. Phillips has survived several strong hurricanes, but is still feeling helpless as she fears the worst.

“I’m in nesting mode right now because I think that’s the only thing I can control. I can’t control the weather, I can’t control the gas lines,” Phillips explained.

It is still unclear where Hurricane Irma will make U.S. landfall, but evacuations have already been ordered for some areas in Florida, including the Florida Keys. Visit the StormTracker 59 page and tune into 59News for the latest updates on Hurricane Irma. 

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