Former patient of Dr. Kostenko shares her story of addiction and recovery


Kim Rader spent Sunday looking at photos of her late brother.

“This is when he was in Pittsburgh and doing really well,” she said.

Rader says her, her brother, and many people she knows were patients of Dr. Michael Kostenko. Rader says in Kostenko’s parking lot, she saw the unthinkable happen.

“There are people out there making deals with one another, agreeing to meet each other at the pharmacy or that kind of thing, it happens, trust me it does,” Rader said.

West Virginia is the epicenter for the prescription pill epidemic. According to a statistic, Doctors in the Mountain state write 138 prescriptions for every 100 people in the state. CBS News sat down with Dr. Kostenko, one of the doctors included in a state-wide investigation.

Rader was told by a family doctor to go see Kostenko after she was hit by a car.

“I didn’t have any records with me, I had no proof that I was actually hurt and I set down with him just in the corner of his house, I mean he had this waiting area in his great big room and set down and spoke with him and he wrote me a prescription for oxycodone 15’s right off the bat,” Rader said.

Dr. Kostenko hosts group sessions at his Coal Country Clinic where seen here in videos he posts on YouTube he explains his approach to treating disease and pain.

Even though Kostenko teaches his class, Rader was one of the few who were seen in his private office.

“He wrote it every 28 days and my prescription would last me three to four days if I stretched it out,” she said.

The ugly side of drug addiction made Rader step away from her career as a teacher at Collins Middle School. That’s when she sought treatment at the Recovery Point in Huntington.

“You have to hit your own bottom, everybody has to hit their own bottom in order to get to where they need to be,” Rader said.

Rader is six years clean now, she is also working on getting her re-certification for her teachers license. As for Dr. Kostenko, the state suspended his license back in March.

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