Four suspects were arrested and face drug charges following six drug raids around Raleigh County in one day, Thursday morning. 

Cylina Powell, Norman Powell, Tramaine Burks and Shannon Wilson are the suspects involved. 

The FBI raided Mizz Shawnz Soulfood Kitchen around 9:00 a.m. Beckley Police say one of the suspects in custody is connected to this store. Along with Mizz Shawnz, five houses in Raleigh County were also raided by drug task forces from several counties.

No drugs were found in Mizz Shawnz. But John Mays, owner of Mays and Things next to Mizz Shawnz, says what happened this morning came as a big surprise. 

“It was definitely a shock, you know, when you’re a business owner and a new business owner and you come to work and there’s 25 FBI agents all over the place,” Mays says. “It’s like, hmm I haven’t done anything but what’s going on here so, it was a shock.”

Norman Powell, the most serious offender in this case, is charged with five counts of delivery of cocaine. He is on a $250,000 bond, and could face up to 20.5 years in prison.

Burks is charged with possession of crack, cocaine and marijuana and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, with a bond of $50,000. Burks violated his parole with his arrest Thursday, and could be in prison up to 20 years.

Cylina Powell was charged with possessing crack cocaine with intent to deliver, and possession of marijuana. Her bond sits at $25,000, and could be in prison for up to 15.5 years.

Wilson faces two counts of delivery of crack. Her bond is at $50,000, and she will be in prison for two to eight years.