Fracking waste ordinance in the works


Hydraulic Fracturing is the process of drilling deep into the earths surface and directing a high pressured water mixture into the rock to release gasses that are then brought up to the surface. It’s controversial for a few reasons. Some people in Fayette County want a local uunderground injection control well to be shut down. This is where all of the waste from this process is disposed of. 

“I want to find something backed in real science, very credible and thorough that my family and loved ones that live here are not being exposed to disruptive and life threatening chemicals,” Brandon Richardson, local concerned Geologist, said. 

Richardson and other concerned residents are trying to get the County Commission to enact an ordinance banning the disposal of hazardous waste in Fayette County. Over 5,000 people in Fayette County have already signed a petition to get rid of this type of waste water disposal that they say is compromising their water ways. 

In Fayette County, this controversy surrounds Danny Webb Construction which operates nderground injection control wells. We went to Danny Webb Construction and called, but his Secretary told us he is out of the state. She did direct us to statements Webb made about the issue previously where he said he believes his opposition is misinformed and his company is set to operate for the next 5 years. 

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