Free health care center opens in Beckley


Bruce Greenberg is a family physician in Summers County. Although he is able to help many of his patients, he knows there are still medical services they need that he cannot’s help them with. That’s why he’s thankful for Pathways to Health’s free medical clinic, where his patients can receive services like dental examinations, which he says they could not afford otherwise. “I’ve had several patients who do not have insurance that have been able to come in and get the care and I was surprised about that, I think it’s making an impact on the people that don’t have that,” said Greenberg. 

Pathways to Health is a traveling medical clinic where they can service several hundreds of people every day. Junior Ewing is a patient who is glad to have the free medical services that Pathways to Health is offering. He is taking advantage of the free eye examination and lenses at the medical clinic. “This is really good, really good for people who can’t afford it and all,” said Ewing. There are over 700 doctors, nurses and volunteers from all over the country that give their time to help provide free medical services for uninsured or under-insured people. “There’s a lot of communities all around that United States that need help, not just our big cities, and so we picked Beckley, we had some communication with local citizens and various entities and we picked Beckley because it was a wonderful opportunity to help in a smaller community and see how we can do this and replicate it in smaller communities,” said Dr. Lela Lewis, CEO of Pathways to Health. The mobile medical clinic offers pediatric examinations as well as dental, eye care, prescriptions, dental surgeries and even biopsies and x-rays. The free medical clinic will be at the Convention Center in Beckley all day Thursday and Friday morning. 

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