Gas Prices Soar For Holiday Weekend


According to Triple A, more than a million West Virginians are expected to travel during the holiday weekend. West Virginia is one of the states that is likely to see an increase in gas prices due to hurricane Harvey. Since we’re going into a holiday weekend, more people are expected to hit the road. 

Brian Kirchner, did notice the higher gas prices as he was driving in Southern West Virginia. He is traveling to New York and said “I think so, yeah its just you know, we’ve been having to fill up more and more on the way down and the way up here.” While gas prices are climbing, Laura Gooch with Triple A says people are not discouraged from traveling. She said “people travel, they have allowances for getaways and holidays. And they take into consideration, they’ll let something else go to have time away from work or time with their families.”

Gas prices are rising because the oil refineries on the Gulf are closed and the Colonial Pipeline is shut down. Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states are expected to be affected the most because they get their gas from the gulf coast. For travelers like Kirchner, it’s all about planning ahead. Brian Kirchner, Traveling to New York, added ” Not at all. You know, we budgeted it in to have enough gas time and gas money.” Mark Hammond, who was traveling to California says he is not concerned. He said ” no not really. But i don’t think it’s going to make that much of a difference.”

Triple A added that gas prices are expected to go up another 25 cents, making a gallon of gas cost about 3 dollars.

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