Gas Shortage Hits the Virginias


After 336,000 gallons of gas leaked in Alabama, it has caused a shortage for drivers here in our area. 

Travelers like Will McGuire say this is concerning. “Where am I going to find some gas? I go to have gas to work, without gas I can’t work,” says a Bluefield, VA Resident, Will McGuire.

Not only has this effected people’s daily lives but it’s now starting to guzzle money out of their wallets. “We’re about 38 cents higher than we were last week and I buy gas about 2-3 times a week.”

As people pump away, this may not last as one station in Bluefield says in a week they might be completely empty. “We’ve kept gas in the ground up into the last couple of days and it’s been kind of a fight,” says the Manger of Hometown Shell in Bluefield Virginia, Darrel Mooney.

As gas stations try to win this battle, the company is working to keep tanks full. “They’re hoping to have the gas here by Saturday again so we’re just keeping our hopes up,” says Mooney.

As the gas tanks reduce down to empty, some say they may have to change their plans when they’re stuck with a permanent gas light. “Stay home I guess, can’t make any money staying home but if I don’t have to have buy gas I don’t have to have money so guess I’ll get a lot of rest,” says McGuire.

The company says they hope to have everything running routine in a few days.

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